Thursday, September 02, 2010

1st September 1980. A Day to Remember

Thirty years ago something happened that changed the life of a little boy who was a week away from his 3rd birthday...his sister was born.

Carla Ruth Malcolm was born at West Middlesex Hospital on Monday 1st September.  She was late, although just a week compared to my two, and she brought with her a book and a lollipop as a welcome gift for her new older brother.  The book is still on a bookshelf at mum and dad's, the lolly didn't last very long ;)

Mum and dad had a new daughter, I had a new sister and nan had a new granddaughter.  A whole world of fun was about to begin.

I can't really remember life without my sister, but it can't have been half as much fun as it has been since.  She was an instant playmate as well as someone to look after and care for.  Like any siblings we've had our moments but nothing has ever come between us and we're still great friends.

Family holidays in England, Ireland and as we got older abroad were exciting and action packed.  Be it charging around, playing games or splashing in the pool, the pair of us kept each other company doing all the things that brothers and sisters do.

We're very different and at the same time very similar.  If she reads this she'll most likely think I'm a soft prat.  To be fair if she wrote something like this I'd think the same!

It's no great surprise that we went to the same the same primary and secondary schools or that we both did geography at Uni.  There are differences though most of which have become apparent as we've grown older.

She's had an annual cinema pass for a number of years whereas I've had a Brentford season ticket!  Geeks in different ways!

A better example is the fact that I can't stand going to the cinema and much prefer going to gigs.  I'd much rather be stood in amongst a buzzing crowd with a beer than sat quietly in a cinema watching the latest blockbuster.  Carla can't stand the jostling, I love it.

She still lives at home but I flew the nest less than six months after finishing Uni and coming back to London.

I've worked for the same company since graduating in 2000 but Carla has never wanted to join the Monday to Friday rat race.  She spent a year in Canada in 2002/03 and a year Down Under in 2005/06.  I've only had a couple of three or four week holidays!

She has just completed a masters in Countryside Management at Capel Manor and spends a lot of her time volunteering.  Puts me to shame really as I'm your typical office bod who turns up late, most likely doesn't work as hard as he should and spends too much time on the pop!

Still, we're family and that's all that really matters.  Carla, I'll have a few Guinness for you after work on Friday surely you can't begrudge a little celebration on your behalf ;)

Happy Birthday little sis.  Here's to 30 great years and all things being equal, 30 more.