Friday, April 09, 2010

SE16 Knees Up and Prawn Sandwiches

Usually four-day working weeks follow a simple rule, that they fly by.  It hasn't been the case this time round though.  The week seems to have dragged, dragged and, yep you've guessed it, dragged!

I was shattered on Tuesday.  I went to the gym in the Village for the regular Tuesday evening boxing class and usually I hang around for a bit afterwards.  This week I headed straight for the exit and headed home ready to hit the sack!

Looking back, the Bank Holiday weekend was pretty hectic.  On Friday I watched the Bees secure a much-deserved point in the 1-1 at Millwall and when I got home Sarah's mum and dad had arrived from Bury.  That makes it sound like they arrived unexpectedly, they didn't.

It's often tricky trying to entertain people but this weekend there was a lot to do...

On Saturday we went and watched the boat race.  I'd never been tempted to watch the race 'live', even though it's been on my doorstep since forever, but it was nice to be able to have something within easy reach to go to with Sarah's parents.

We took up a position on the south side of Hammersmith Bridge watched the Isis v Goldie boats go by and then main race.  It seemed like a lot of fuss for a fleeting glance of the crews.  In fact the most interesting part for me was seeing the unexpectedly large waves that the supporting boats create soak the Pims drinking Rahs sat on the river bank.

In the evening we went to The Real Greek in Marylebone.  Sarah had been to one before and bemoaned the small portion sizes but I thought it was a pretty good spread.  Sarah's mum had exchanged Clubcard vouchers for reward tokens.  Every £10 worth of Clubcard vouchers can be exchanged for £40 worth of reward tokens so it's a pretty, make that very, good deal.

The main event of the weekend was my parents meeting Sarah's for the first time.  We've been going out for 4 years so it was about time they met.  It's got people wondering if this means there is a proposal on the way, no need to worry just yet Sarah!!  The meeting of worlds went well with no major or even minor dramas.  My sister didn't show me up too much which was a bonus!!

On Monday we all got suited and booted and headed for tea at the Ritz.  Sarah bought her mum and dad tea for two a while back so we decided to jump on the bandwagon and go with them.  Very nice it was too but it should be at 38 quid a pop!!

After we got back from the Ritz I was quickly back in the real world.  I headed off to GP for the snooze fest that was Brentford 0 Exeter City 0.  Zzzzzzzz!